For people looking to by a sculpture, a visit outside the opening hours is also possible. Outside the opening hours, visits for groups of minimum 10 persons are also possible, after telephone appointment and against payment. The price is 150 euro for groups between 10 and 15 persons. This price is increased with 10 euro for each extra person. A guided tour takes approximately two hours.

Exhibition hall

Exhibition space for the most recent sculptures and drawings by Irénée Duriez. Special attention is accorded to his works of the last 20 years. This space is intended to reveal the artist's mastership and his 50 years of artistic development to the visitor. Interested visitors can discover how Irénée achieved his current results by strolling through the nearly 800 m² of exhibition space and the over 3000 m² large sculpture garden.

Sculpture garden

About 30 large bronze sculptures reside in a natural park environment in a landscape garden designed by Wim Meyns. The sculptures stand out well in the garden specifically designed for this purpose. The vegetation in all shades of green functions as a background screen to a stage on which the sculptures start living lives of their own. Bright colours were banned to avoid drawing the attention away from the art work.

Museum basement

In this part of the museum visitors meet the young Irénée, a beginning artist in search of his identity and mode of expression. We retrace his journey attentively, from his early days in the trade as a wood engraver in 1964 to his stage of development in Yves Rhaye's proximity and his exploration of abstract and figurative design. We witness the way in which he ultimately finds his personal style and keeps refining and improving it. All of this is interspersed with biographical information and illustrated by more than a 110 sculptures and about 30 drawings.

Drawing studio

The top floor of the museum houses the drawing studio of Irénée Duriez. During the opening hours of the museum, some 70 bronze sculptures from the period 2000-2010 are displayed. Apart from that, this space also houses an occasion exhibition by a guest artist. In the past, in this space, drawings of Irénée Duriez were also on display. This is no longer the case. Some of his drawings are now exhibited in other parts of the museum.

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